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“The story of a chair”

Any chair that has wheels is about to make thousands of meters if not kilometers during its lifetime. It makes our life way easier. But we just never think about it because we do not see it. I put paint on the wheels and start using the chair as we all do, than took a picture of the path and captured what is not usually seen. Let’s realize the unseen, pay attention and not take things for granted.


“Space within space.”

This piece of mine is a reflection of architecture in today’s world. Recently one of the biggest financial groups in Czech announced that they will built one of Zaha Hadid’s projects in the very core of Prague. I was very pleased when I first found out. I thought and still think it is exactly what Prague needs, there hasn’t been a neat piece built in a long time. But after a closer look at the project I found out that the building will not be sensitive to its surroundings and that it will be for the richest people only (again). Another favorite architect of mine, Frank Gehry claims he is the one building for 1% of population the rest architects are building for the 99%. It leaves all kinds of feelings within me. If there were no architects like these two, we would have never seen such magnificent pieces of art. On the other hand it leaves a lot of controversy. I haven’t come to the point of “truth” and I am not sure whether there is such a point. But it leaves a mark for sure. Here is my reflection of what I see and experience in relation to what I just described.