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Aichi, Arche, Art de Suisse, Bomton a.s., Farming4Life, Frama, Forum2000, Josiah Venture, Magdalena Vokacova, Maren Forme, NGO Market, PH Models, PS-Architects, Supermoda Management, Viola Fetisova, We Care, Zuzana Hejnova.

V I K T O R    J E L I N E K
visual narrator
photography, art direction
+420 774404989 (Prague, CZ)
+45  42723755 (Copenhagen, DK)


N O R A   J E L I N E K
conceptual narrator 
concept development, styling
+420 774104486 (Prague, CZ)
+45  42725589 (Copenhagen, DK)


“Our time is limited and our attention spans are really short.”
-Eliot Rausch

“Bad art is from no one to no one.”
-Sarah Manguso

“What a range of mood does the light offer from morning to night, from day to day from season to season and all through the years." 
-Louis Kahn