In November, I (Viktor) met a lovely couple Tomas and Tamara Klusovi. They spoke about their family, a plot they are building a new home at, their connection with nature and much more.

It has been quite a year for Klusovi as well as for everyone else. 2020 brought many challenges. Despite the spacious outdoor land, Tamara and Tomas are building their new home at, the place for living felt small. Three kids, two dogs, Tamara and Tomas in a small two room temporary house in the middle of a lock down while the oldest kid had to attend online classes and the younger ones needed attention 24/7, it just felt small at times. “People who live in small apartments on the outskirts of towns with thousands of other people are the heroes of today,” said Tamara.

It was suprising how connected to nature Klusovi are. Who can handle a chicken like that (see the photograph above). Besides their little son is very interested in nature and manual labor, therefore Tomas ought to learn things he had not been so skilled in until his son asked.

While taking pictures I asked how Tomas (a renown musician and singer) feels about not being able to perform. He said it was nice to finally have a break. To be able to spend more time with his family was highly appreciated. But he also mentioned he misses the time of performing.

I often think of how stressful and demanding it must be to be captured all the time and whether oneself can get used to it. Tomas said he is still nervous whether before entering the stage or when being photographed. But that he also learnt to pretend like everything is alright. He did very well. It was a pleasure to capture them both.

(Commissioned by Denik Pravo)