Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP) is an award-winning private nature reserve that was developed from 1991 for the conservation and sustainable management of uninhabited Chumbe Island off Zanzibar.

We had the privilege to create a complex solution of visual materials for various marketing purposes.

We spent 5 days working on the island and captured tons of images. It felt like being in a paradise far far away. There are only several bungalows, a meeting center, a kitchen, a snorkling hut with equipment, a mosque, a lot of trees and a light house. It was right when Covid-19 just got serious in Europe and it was very hard to grasp because of all the unknown.

The group objectives are non-commercial, while operations follow commercial principles. The overall aim of CHICOP is to create a model of financially and ecologically sustainable park management, where ecotourism supports conservation, research and comprehensive Environmental Education programs for local schools and other benefits for local people.

One of the unique things about the Chumbe island NGO is how much time and effort they give back to the local community, educating young kids about the coral reef, fish, the ocean, teaching them how to swim and much more. We witnessed one girl going from being terrified of water to not willing to leave the ocean after she gave it a try.
The local staff is composed of nearly 50 people.

There are seven bungalows for guests who can enjoy various activities from snorkling to guided tours on the island, a breathtaking view from the island’s only light house and great food.

More about the initiative can be found at @chumbeisland