Viktor Jelinek uses photography to translate brands’ stories and global issues into educating and engaging content.

The core mission is to partner with brands, enterprises and non-profit organizations that are actively shaping culture and have a meaningful impact on today's complex world. 

His objective is to enable clients to stand out by strong, documentary and cinematic approach to photography that ensures their efforts connect with particular audience.


Selected clients and collaborations:
&Tradition, Astralis, Condé Nast Traveller, Curtis Institute of Music, Elhanati, Elle Magazine, Jeep, Stink Films

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Available for hire worldwide.



Captured for Condé Nast Traveller
September 2023, Copenhagen

Jardin collection

By Elhanati
'Jardin' was made in collaboration with artist and dear friend, Conie Vallese.⁠ The collection is a curated selection of sculptural jewelry and objects handcrafted in sterling silver launching in fall 2023.August 2023, Copenhagen


Selection of portraits from various projects over the years of practice. 2013-2023, World

Tobia Scarpa

B-roll footage alongside Alona Vibe from Merō Copenhagen.October 2023, Casier, Italy