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Funding VNP

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After 45 long days of begging, searching, features and more, we are proud to announce that we not only met, but exceeded our initial funding goal. We reached $4000 on Indiegogo and have more than $1000 in other donations! As a result we are well on our way! We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated or helped promote the Indiegogo page. Our reach met the eyes of more than 2,000 individuals who clicked on the Indiegogo page! 

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Introducing our Actors!

After receiving some amazing applicants for actors in the film, we have finally decided on our three lead actors. Michael Power, will be playing the role of Hank. Trev Stevens, will be acting as Mike. And, January Janvier, is Stacy. These three actors blew us away with their auditions, and we have confidence that our team will be absolutely fantastic. To learn more about the team, I invite you to take a look on our website!

Behind the Scenes

"With 25 scripts between them, the young filmmakers recruited two additional readers to help thin the field. Each script, Vel said, was assigned its own unique ID number, and evaluated based on the “actual quality of the writing, and whether we could afford it.”"

April 18 Interview with Joe Gentile

We will be releasing more behind the scenes details as time goes along! 

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Indiegogo Funding

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce today that The Visual Narrative Project is now collecting funds towards our budget-goal of $12,000. We are looking for any donations or exposure that you can provide. 

Please consider donating through Indiegogo here: Indiegogo

As a result, we have a few thank you gifts for those that can donate. In addition, we have a PR Packet available for download that you may use to help spread the word.

100+ Scripts and we have a winner!


After much deliberation, we (Zev Vel and Meredith Basler, Co-Directors of The Visual Narrative Project) are very excited to announce that the winner for the project has been chosen. This script will now be worked with and we will fund and film the movie over the upcoming months. 

We received over 100 different scripts and stories from all over the United States (New York, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Michigan, Montana and many more) as well as all over the world (Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, England, Brazil, and Greece to just name a few). 

The script-reading process was done anonymously and as fairly as possible. Four different people read a random selection of anonymous scripts. In the end, 15 scripts were chosen as finalists. 

These finalists, who are listed below, will receive a credit in the final film for their effort and fantastic work. 

Writer Emilio Iasiello

Writer Emilio Iasiello

Taking these finalists we then sat down and decided that Emilio Iasiello’s script, THE DANCE, would be the film that we create. 

THE DANCE is a ten page script that we really fell in love with. Emilio describes the story as: “A young married couple learn about love and commitment when they stumble upon an elderly man's yard sale”. This compelling story is one that we strongly believe will translate into a great Visual Narrative.

From here, we will be deciding on our cast and crew and then looking for funds. Hopefully, we will be able to shoot in the upcoming months!

We would like to thank each and every writer, and we would like to invite you all to be a part of this film’s future. We invite you all to stay in touch, keep up to date through our blog and mailing list, and if you are able to contribute in the future (through sharing the project or perhaps through production otherwise) we would be incredibly grateful.

Once again, congratulations to our finalists below (alphabetical order):

Brian Dykstra (Motor Oil)
Bruce Rose (The Briefcase)
Bruno Gomes (My Love For You)
Dale Clarke Williams (Death’s Dialogue)
Emilio Lasiello (The Dance & The Missing) 
Eryk Pruitt (Scoop)
Karen Albright Lin (The Snow Day)
Kevin Silva (Lost Kites)
Marqus Bobesich (Art Therapy)
Michelo Milfort (Lone Travelers)
Rhonda Jackson Joseph (The Act)
Shaun Graham (A Future in Question)
Simon Parker (Waiting Room)

50 Scripts in 11 days!


When Meredith and I started this project, it was a dream to get a handful of scripts to choose from. In fact I had concerns if we would be able to find one! But, we have blown right past that and aren't even close to the deadline!

As of today, we have received more than 50 stories and scripts through the submission process! 

Due to the large number of scripts we have received and hope to grow over the next week and half, we have added two additional judges to the panel that will select the final script, Adam Bigelow and Pearl Carmen Weggler (also students at Bard College at Simon's Rock) will be reading over scripts as well!

If you haven't submitted yet, that's OK! There is still time! Simply head over to the submission page and drop us an email with your script or story! 

We would also like to specify, if you have a number of scripts, we will be unable to select from brief synopses, we ask that you select a couple and send just the best ones that you have.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to a few websites that have helped get the word out. 

If you have somewhere you'd like to spread the word, do it and let us know at

An October Start

Are you a writer? Screenwriter? Storyteller? This is YOUR opportunity to get your story made into a short film!
Zev and Meredith, a freshman and junior at Bard College at Simon's Rock are looking for short stories (2-15 pages) that can be adapted into a movie through The Visual Narrative Project!
These stories can be made by anyone of any age and from any location, so share with your friends and consider submitting!

The deadline for submissions is November 20, 2012!

We hope to work through many avenues of artists and writers including deviantART and other online communities. If you would like to share the project, please go ahead and do so, just link back here!

Even if you aren't interested in writing, sign up for the mailing list and we will keep you in the loop!
You can also find us on Facebook!

Thank you and good luck!

Zev Vel